Bourbon Penn 12

cover art:

The Big Hunter

by Alexa Szlavics

The Big Hunter by Alexa Szlavics

Alexa Szlavics, a painter, graphic designer and fractal artist, was born in Budapest, Hungary, Europe. She studied painting and drawing technics in Budapest, Hungary and Toronto, Canada. Her first master was her father, an artist and professor of an artschool. Alexa Szlavics lived with her parents in the famous artcolony of Budapest, ‘Szazados Street’, where many of the artcolony’s artists, painters, and graphic designers assisted her study of art. In the spring of 1987 she visited New York and lived in Manhattan for a short period of time. From 1987-1991 she lived in Toronto, Ontario, Canada where she was a freelancer artist and graphic designer, as well as a member of the Ontario Craft Council. Currently Alexa Szlavics lives in her own art studio, the Uppland Balaton, in the Lake Balaton area of Hungary. You can also see her work at some local and international art exhibitions in Hungary, Europe and Canada.

Alexa Szlavics worked for some years as a professional photographer in the Hungarian Geological Institute (MAFI) Budapest, Hungary. She was the Featured Artist for the month of Word Artist Network USA in November, 2010. The artwork of Alexa Szlavics qualified for Agora Gallery representation - Agora Gallery Contemporary fine art gallery in Chelsea, New York art galleries district - and was approved by Europa Authentica Cultural Organization for representation. She is a member of the world’s best top 10 international contemporary online art community.